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A fitness community dedicated to creating a queer centred safe space and welcoming all to come as you are

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An_Other Manifesto

We exist to inspire Others to embrace their physical prowess & strength through exercise, self-belief & encouragement of each other. We are the dreamy safe space you need to explore, learn, move, run, lift, and celebrate.

Our common enemy is judgement, lurking in the shadows, and convincing us not to exist as our unadulterated true selves.

In An_Other_Community, we are free from normative views, roles, and judgement. We care for ourselves and we create the bodies we want without fear or a need to conform to anything other than our own values. We move past sexuality, gender (assigned or otherwise), race, body type or pronoun.

We are individuals

We can be who we dream to be

We are An_Other

Access An_Other Kind Of Personal Trainer & Fitness Programs

An inclusive safe space to explore a range of training and fitness styles as well as connect with our hand picked selection of the best trainers we could find

Discover Inclusive Clubs, Teams & Fitness Spaces

Access our growing directory of teams and clubs that share our ethos for creating a diverse and safe space to explore fitness with meet like minded people in your area

Connect With An_Other Members

Embrace your own tribe of cheerleaders as you learn, move, contribute and celebrate. Whatever your individuality, just make sure you bring your A-Game in acceptance

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